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healthy natural remediesThe human body is the most complicated machine in the world and consists of a number of parts whose working is essential for our well being. But just like any other electric or mechanical machine, the body too suffers from certain ailments that make us sick. Sickness or illness is inevitable, but its onset literally brings one’s life to a standstill.

However there are several medications and ointments through which one can easily get rid of such ailments and diseases. Whenever we hear the word ‘medication’, the first thing that comes to our mind is doctor writing a prescription. But breaking through this traditional mindset, natural remedies are surely gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Natural remedies, as the name suggests are made up of natural ingredients without any interference of chemicals or artificial products. On the other hand, the conventional medicines prescribed by doctors usually consist of antibiotics or chemicals that not just kill the anti-bodies in one’s body but have a lot of side effects.

Prescription drugs consist of both chemicals and hormones and both these elements help to fool our brain into thinking that everything is fine and our brain conveys to us that nothing is wrong and we start feeling alright. But the truth is just the opposite, it is just our mind that is receiving false information and the ailment and the cause of ailment be it the virus or the bacteria is still harming our body.

640_vid_alternative-medicineNatural remedies on the other hand are made up of plant and organic substances and do not alter the functioning of one’s brain. They don’t trick your brain or try and change your hormonal balance, in fact they target the infection or problem that is making you sick and cures it completely.

Unlike your doctor’s prescribed medicines, natural remedies and cures are devoid of any side effects i.e. you can choose to continue the medicine as long as you don’t feel alright. These remedies not just help one to cure many diseases related to skin, digestion, insomnia etc. but also help to curb mental disorders like depression etc. without making the patient addictive of the medicine which is a common scenario among the patients using conventional medicines.

The use of natural remedies is not a new concept, it has been here for many centuries and in fact from the inception of human life on earth. On the other hand, prescription drugs are a new concept, though popular, they have a lot of strings attached to their usage. Many recent reports show that people are now becoming more aware of natural remedies and are ready to replace their conventional drugs with the natural ones as the natural remedies ensure overall well-being of a person and not just curing of a single disease.

So if you are looking for a medication of a disease be it infertility, arthritis, migraine, brain function or depression etc. do try out the natural remedies before consulting your doctor for conventional drugs because natural remedies are not just safe, side-effect free but also much more affordable than the other drugs.

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